Gettin’ Muddy with Swamp Crackers!

Happy Birthday to my little sister!!!

To celebrate, I went for a run! *lol*

Sipping some hot drink to warm up before!
It was about 35 degrees at first!
Ok, not quite. Since she’s a late sleeper, I figured I’d be able to participate in a 9am trail race. So, bright and early, I get up, brew some tea, snack on a little fruit, and drive out with my mom and my man to cheer for me for 4 miles!
Displaying my number proudly!  Go 440!
At 9am, the pack is off!! And within a mile, I’m muddy, wet, and grinning! I haven’t run much on trails before, and boy is it different from my ol’ treadmill! About 3/4-ths of the way through, thoughts are running through my head, desperate for the end. But by the end, the endorphins kicked in, and I was grinning ear to ear again!

My time: 51:51. Not the best, but it was still
a victory for me! Woohoo!

I get to the end, and they have sports drinks and bagels…. eh…. processed stuff. Thank goodness I had my natural foods with me!  It was SO refreshing crunching into a sweet, juicy apple! And having some warm chai rooibus tea to sip in the 35 degree sun!
My fresh, crunchy apple by the trail map!!
And, ok, I made another fun looking recipe from my recipe book :) They called them green wafers; I called them swamp crackers – especially since I added raisins to some and hazelnuts to others, so it looked like little bugs stuck in a green bed!
But these wafers were a great post-run snack – made of almonds, Spirulina, and salt. Good stuff! I was getting some good protein, healthy fats, calcium, and of course sodium to replenish what I lost on the run.A delightful morning, and a huge runner’s high afterwards! And home in time to enjoy a big family brunch! This was one of my goals for the month – to run this race in less than an hour. Goal: COMPLETED! Before 10am, too!How did you start your weekend? ;-)Much love!
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